I am a mom of three. I’ve been a wife for almost 11 years to a man that I’ve admired for more than 2 decades. I am an artist, amateur farmer, home educator, lover of yarn, antique addict, and Beatrix Potter wannabe.



I’ve spent many years trying to figure out which “box” I fit into. I’ve tried to make my various interests and desires fit into a certain size and shape only to find that I can’t fit it all in. There are no oddly shaped pre-fabricated boxes out there for me. I don’t fit a standard category and can’t be clearly identified with a specific label. For those who love analyzing personality types, I DO know that I am mostly an INFJ. Which explains some of my frustration over trying to fit into a standard sized box.

I’ve often wondered why I’m so different from some of my friends and family. I spent much of my teen years in angst over trying to find “my group” and my twenties trying on several hats. But it’s my 30s that have really set me free. In my 30s I’ve discovered that God has given me very specific desires, dreams, and interests. I’ve found solace in realizing that there’s no need to try to cram myself into someone else’s box. My path is not random, despite how varied it might appear, and has led me to the various oddly shaped pieces of my own box. And I’m building it as I go to hold my quirky personality, my weird goals, and my often misunderstood desires. Those things in my heart are not there by accident. They were put there for a very specific reason. And in my 30s I’m learning to let go of what everyone else is doing and focus on the gifts I’ve been given, however weird they might seem to anyone else. I’m learning to listen intently to the whisperings of my own soul.

As freeing as it is to finally embrace my path, it can also be fairly isolating and alienating if I allow it to be. Blogging has provided an outlet for me to find like-minded people who are also building their own oddly shaped boxes as they go, who encourage me to keep being weird. It’s also given me the opportunity to curate my various interests. Here you’ll find all those things I’m passionate about and the practice of celebrating those things that “pull” me. This space is my “safe” place. It’s the space where I can work through where I am and where I want to be, what I’m working on in my sketchbook or at the crafting table, my missteps and victories as a mom, homeschooling adventures, and in general, just be “wonderfully weird.” And because I have an incurable longing to be back on the farm, you’ll find a seasonal nature to this space much like an almanac. This creative almanac of sorts is my holding pen for my ever-changing but often cyclical interests.

I’m glad you are here. I hope this space inspires you to live more confidently with whatever gifts, passions, or interests you have been given. You and I have been creatively made and it is my hope that this space encourages you to be “wonderfully weird” with me.