The Great Big List of Medieval Books

We’ve just begun our summer intensive session of school for grades 1.5 and 4.5 and I thought I’d share the resources I’ve collected for our journey through the Middle Ages.

I’ll share more in another post on our complete plans for the summer but I wanted to go ahead and share my Medieval library with you in case you need a book for that time period. The books listed below are not for one specific age group or grade level but, in general, are kid appropriate. Please read the book’s detailed description to determine if it might suit the needs of your child. I’ve listed everything from picture books to chapter books to coloring books and reference books. This is a huge library of books so hopefully there’s something to help you along in your study of the Middle Ages. Let me know if you have a favorite Middle Ages book and I’ll add it to the list.

*note: The library is animated and will fade in and out to reveal more books. If you’d like to view the library in list form without the animation click here.  This library uses affiliate links. 


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